July, 2014 – Community Center, South Korea

This project started during the summer of 2013–but after a lot of revisions, it finally left the Port of Portland this past spring. Comprising a couple of containers of Douglas Fir glulam, we also added custom fabrication and steel connectors. Before being loaded for export, each joint was test fitted; making the job site assembly process smooth and timely. There were a total of 350 custom beams on this project–all made in Oregon and delivered directly to the job site.

May, 2014 – Celebrating 25 Years in Business…

1989…. The USSR leaves Afghanistan, the Tokyo Stock Market crashes, ending Japan’s economic dominance. San Francisco rocked by earthquake… George Bush Sr. becomes president. The Exxon Valdez runs aground. A gallon of gas was 97 cents. The Dow Jones ended the year at 2,753. The first of 24 GPS satellites is launched…..Seems like an eternity. Meanwhile, in Eugene, Oregon, a handful of craftsmen and entrepreneurs opened Western Structures and began manufacturing structural glulams. You can’t buy a ribeye for $3 anymore, but you can count on Western Structures to continually provide quality and value–for 25 years and counting.


January, 2014 – Cozy Cabins…

One of our customers sent these pics to us. We provided some glulams to help frame a couple of mountain cabins. These are located near Crescent Lake, Oregon a beautiful spot in both summer and winter months. Our Doug Fir beams can be treated for exterior use and are a proven material for use in all of Oregon’s diverse climates.

June, 2013 – A new take on the big box store…

More and more these days, architects and developers are turning to wood as a perfect, sustainable and functional material for commercial buildings. This supermarket in Santa Rosa, California is just another example of how our glulams can turn the unsightly steel and concrete strip mall into a warm and inviting space. This spectacular entrance transforms a bleak parking lot into a warm inviting space. That blue sky certainly helps, too!

March, 2013 – Bridging our way to Korea…

Late last year we shipped these three jobs to our customer and old friend in Korea, Mr. Choi. We pressure treated these Douglas Fir beams and Mr. Choi fabricated and installed in three different locations in South Korea. All three are pedestrian bridges, one in the city and two in a rustic setting. We are excited to see more wood used in such outdoor applications. Nice work Mr. Choi!

January, 2013 – Happy New Year from Mexico…

This “artsy” shot is from our jobsite in Mexico. Our Douglas Fir glulams contrast nicely with the local stone/masonry work. We hope to be seeing more and more projects south of the border in 2013.

October, 2012 – Another Project in Mexico…

It seems like our Douglas Fir glulam is becoming quite popular in Mexico. This will be our 3rd job this year into this new market. The private villa is located near the resort town of Manzanillo. Due to the humid nature of this region we treated all of our beams with Hi Clear II, a spirit based preservative treatment. Shipping times from our Eugene plant to Manzanillo is a mere 7 days. Can’t wait to visit this job site when the Oregon rains set in!

May, 2012 – Custom Glulam Project in Mexico…

We shipped this truckload of custom Douglas Fir glulam last summer and just received these photos this week. Our customer is an architect who designed a beautiful beach house in the city of Manzanillo. The elaborate trusses will be exposed, bringing the warmth and beauty of the wood inside the house. We treated the beams with Hi Clear II–a preservative treatment to prevent any insect attack that is common in this part of Mexico. We look forward to more pics from Mexico–but in the meantime, we are glad to see our first project south of the border take shape.

February, 2012 – A Forest of Glulam…

Located approximately one hour outside of Tokyo is the Meiji University School of Agriculture. This new facility will open this April and workers were finishing up this project when I visited last week. Our Douglas Fir glulams, made in Eugene completely dominate this eco-friendly structure. Walking the halls and various labratories, the columns rise and then branch off into slightly curved members, resembling a forest and canopy beyond. The project comprised approximately 300 cubic meters of material and was shipped to Japan last summer.

January, 2012 – A first step into Europe…

Although we have been a leading exporter of structural glulams for the past two decades, our markets have been limited to Japan, China and Korea. This past year we have added a few new markets to our customer base and are very excited about new opportunities in new regions. Below, a photo of a soccer practice facility in the UK. Our 30’ beams were made with FSC certified Douglas Fir and our new PurBond glue, leaving no visible glue lines. We then turned them on a giant lathe forming these pencil-columns near the entrance. A beautiful structure in the making. So, as we begin 2012, in addition to India, Mexico and Jordan we are proud to have taken our first step into Europe.

November, 2011 – Introducing WS RIM Board.

At Western, we keep trying to improve things. This past year, we were the first to use zero-formaldehyde PurBond glue, changing the look and eco-footprint of the glulam forever. We also started to test and market LamBoo– the first structural bamboo glulams for the US market. Now we are proud to introduce WS RIM Board. Rim boards are a specially designed component that works in tangent with i-joists and other engineered wood products to deliver a complete engineering solution. Now builders can choose WS RIM Board.pdf as an alternative to OSB, LVL and LSL rim products. Available in 1 1/2” width to 14” depths and in custom lengths. We can also treat for fire resistance and guarantee our standard, industry leading turnaround time.

WS RIM Board–available NOW!

Fire Treated Available

Available in Formaldehyde Free Glue

Inexpensive Alternative to Rival Products

Light Weight

Superlative Nail Retention

Won’t Swell

Custom Sizes

Industry-leading Turnaround Time

Also Available in FSC.


October, 2011 – Shanghai, China.

We just received these photos of our latest China project. We shipped these massive beams last summer and were delighted to see some of the jobsite photos this morning. This is a pavillion structure in a smaller town just outside of Shanghai. We completed our first project in that same town, Songjiang about 5 years ago. Once again, we are proud to say that we love to say the words “MADE IN OREGON”, especially as far away as China.

August, 2011 – Taiwan Delegation.

We recently hosted a delegation of engineers, architects and industry professionals from Taiwan. We enjoyed their visit and discussed some of our past and future projects for the Taiwan market. A special thanks to the APA for organizing and coordinating this visit. Western has completed many projects in Taiwan and looks forward to seeing that market develop and grow in size.

August, 2011 – Our Latest Project in China.

We just received these photos from our Chinese customer — a beautiful entry way to a hotel building made up of our glulams. We worked with our partners at Boise Cascade to make this project happen. Its nice to see our “Made in Oregon” beams make such a statement in China.

June, 2011 – Glulam Deck Panels at Red Creek Bridge.

Our customer sent us these photos showing our massive deck panels being set across this beautiful gorge. These beams were incised and then pressure treated with a preservative chemical for exterior use. Glulam’s low specific gravity makes it a perfect choice as the deck material for this bridge.

May, 2011 – A Japanese glulam factory made with… our glulams

We work with other laminators around the world and were delighted when one of our associate companies announced its new production facility. This new plant will open later this year and produce small dimension glulams for the Japanese housing market. The main frame structure was produced at our Eugene plant and shipped at the beginning of the year.

January, 2011 – Alaskan Rig Mats; Doug Fir Glulams Carry the Load.

Just received these photos from Mike at US Mat Systems. USMS supplied their customer on the North Slope of Alaska with 6 inch thick rig mats used to offload two giant-sized production modules. These modules each weighed around 10 million pounds and were shipped via barge through the Panama Canal all the way to Alaska. Our glulams went into USMS mat frames and performed flawlessly. Check out the photos below and see this unique application of Douglas Fir glulams. Just another use for wood–a truly green material.

December, 2010 – Taiwan Green Building, Western’s Latest Export Project

Our export business has always been a strong part of our core business. Our partner, Walsh Industries of Portland has handled our beam sales beyond the US borders for the past 10 years. We like to see it when our value added products make it overseas and form the structure of cutting edge green buildings. Massive Douglas Fir glulams, produced at our plant form the roof structure in this research center building. Above our glulams, solar panels. On the vertical surface to the rear, ivy will cover the entire facade. The below photo shows the view inside the top floor. Its nice to see that people around the world understand that glulams make for a better, greener building.

December, 2010 – Introducing Formaldehyde Free Clear Glue. PurBeam.

Western Structures is proud to announce an exciting new development in laminated beams. We call it PurBeam–a glulam made with a new Formaldehyde free clear glue. PurBeam in addition to being Formaldehyde free, will be void of the typical dark glue lines that are the standard in most structural laminated beams. The end result is a beautiful structural beam.

Our PurBeam is made possible using a one-component polyurethane adhesive made without solvents or formaldehyde. This adhesive, manufactured by Purbond of Switzerland and its partner, Bayer MaterialScience will change the way environmentally conscious consumers will view glulams.

We will continue to offer our products with the industry standard Phenol Resorcinol glue as well as our PurBeam, available in all sizes, both standard and custom. Download the PurBeam pd file Taiwan flyer 2.pdf.

Western Structures is proud to be the only manufacturer of PurBeam. And in the US we are one of only two manufacturers using Purebond glue. Call the sales office for pricing and check the Sustainability page for more info.

October, 2010 – Western Partners with Lamboo.

We have been working closely with our friends at Lamboo Inc., a company at the cutting edge of bamboo technology. As of November 3, 2010 Western Structures and Lamboo Inc. have entered into an agreement to cooperate on marketing and manufacturing Lamboo as a structural product–LAMBOO® STRUCTURE ™

Lamboo is an amazing product. When we did our initial testing for strength and shear, the beams made with Lamboo components were so strong that our testing machinery almost broke! Glulams made with Lamboo components will be “off the charts” in terms of strength and durability. A Lamboo glulam is a beautiful structural component, devoid of knots but rich with color and character. We will be able to manufacture virtually any size or length of this product and are confident that a structure made with Lamboo will be in a class all by itself.

As a green product, bamboo with its 6 year growth cycle and vast, worldwide range, is the perfect choice for a project where sustainability is a consideration. Download the Lamboo brochure on our products page here. Or, visit the Lamboo home page here: www.lamboo.us

July, 2010 – Project Pics.

Our customer in Tennessee sent us these nice shots of our beams making a fine entrance. Thanks for the photos!

July, 2010 – Monthly Newsletter.

Click on the link below for this month’s newsletter. Contact the sales office if you want to be on the master mailing list. WS NEWS 7.10 FINAL.pdf — available for download.

May 10, 2010 – Monthly Newsletter.

This month’s Glulam Industry News–went out today via pdf. Contact the sales office if you want to be on the master mailing list. Or, you can find it here– WS News 5.10.pdf — available for download.

February 15, 2010 – Monthly Newsletter.

Our monthly newsletter–Glulam Industry News–went out today via pdf. Contact the sales office if you want to be on the master mailing list. Or, you can find it here– WS NEWS 2.10 Final.pdf — available for download.

January 15, 2010 – FSC Certified.

As a manufacturer of wood products, we are very aware of our responsibility to act as stewards of our nation’s timberland. We are pleased to announce that we have recently been certified as an FSC Supplier and look forward to providing you with FSC Certified Douglas Fir and Alaskan Yellow Cedar glulam. For more on FSC please visit their website at www.fsc.org.